Regolamento Lucky7

A game “Lucky 7” combines traditional betting with extremely popular lottery and is made of 21 yellow and 21 black balls. Sum of the balls’ numbers is 903 (sum of yellow balls’ numbers is 451, while sum of black ones is 452).
Game editions take place every day every five minutes, when 7 lucky numbers out of 42 are dropped during a live-streamed event. Every edition has its own serial number, which is used to settle the bets. Betting on outcomes of the presented betting offers is possible until the start of each edition.

For placing bets you would need to:
• Login to your account;
• Make a deposit to your account if needed;
• Select a bet category and a betting option you want to bet on to.


In the bet slip field “Amount” fill the amount you want to bet. Push the button “Place bet”.


After succesful bet you will see a message “Bet succesfull”.


Possible win is calculated from odd multiplied by bet amount. betting odds could not be combined with betting odds from sports events and other games. You are able to check the results for different runs on the page “Results”.


You are able to check your betting history on page “Bets”.


Special cases:
1. If an edition fails to occur due to technical difficulties (all seven balls weren’t dropped, lottery machine broke down, streaming failed and there is no recording), all bets are void.
2. If there is no sound during the live stream or the presenter made a mistake while naming a number of the ball which was dropped, edition results are settled by visual information provided in live stream.
3. If the player could not see the live stream (internet connection or power failure, etc.) of a certain edition, but a recording is available afterwards in the archive, such edition is considered as valid.